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Jun 27, 2023 S04 E05 00:34:24

1960's R and B Soul Sister Jackie Shane was a black trans woman living her life and belting out hit songs. She is an Icon and we are in awe. 
Join us as we talk about this remarkable woman. Support the show

Jun 20, 2023 S04 E04 01:00:15

Join us as we take a trip south of the border to take a look one of Mexico's most sensational cases; the wild story of La Dama Del Silencio and her alleged alter ego, the brutal La Mataviejitas.Support the show

Jun 06, 2023 S04 E02 01:04:32

Helen Potts had the unfortunate luck of falling in love with the wrong man. This led to her short life being riddled with secrets, betrayals, and murder. Join us as we cover the story of tragic young love and the things awful things people will do to esca...

May 29, 2023 S04 E02 00:40:18

Natural disasters are becoming common place in the world today, but in 1993 that wasn't the case. One of the largest natural and economical disasters happened and believe it or not but one man was blamed. Sit back and enjoy this wild story. Support t...

May 22, 2023 S04 E01 00:25:34

Welcome back to Mystified! We are so excited to start season 4 with you. To kick it off we are talking about the infamous Bela Kiss and his sweetheart scam that turned to murder. Support the show

Jul 21, 2022 S03 E09 00:34:16

In 1847, a joke went to far and lives were lost. But who is to blame? The jokester or the person whom the joke was played on.

Lets beat the heat, grab a cold drink and listen to a chilling tale.Support the show

Jun 10, 2022 S03 E08 00:33:52

Its the 1920's and mobs rule the streets of Chicago. It all came to a bloody climax on February 14th, 1929 when 7 men were gunned down. Was Scarface involved or was it random? Join us as we retell the days of the mob during prohibition. Support the s...

May 27, 2022 S03 E07 00:48:36

Thanks for joining us on this episode as we discuss the alien craze from the 1990s. Are you an alien fan? Do you think they would visit our little planet?
Join us as we cover sightings in the desert and reports of alien pranks. Support the s...

May 13, 2022 S03 E06 00:48:08

On August 3nd 2006, Brandi Wells stepped out of a night club and disappeared. Her case is tragic and sadly very common. There is surveillance evidence and some leads that all seem to lead nowhere. What happened to Brandi? Join us as we go through and try...

Apr 29, 2022 S03 E05 00:37:33

Fire is wild, random unexplained fires are ultra wild. Join us as we discuss fire spooks, spontaneous human combustion, and unexplained mysterious blue flames.  Where do they come from? Why does it always happen to older people?  Tune in and let's ge...