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Apr 26, 2022 00:08:42

Madam Tussaud  was an intriguing figure and lived a macabre and interesting life.  Tune in as Steven tells you the legends and facts that surround this amazing woman who created horrors in wax.

**Enjoy this mini-sode where we mystify you with tal...

Apr 22, 2022 S03 E04 00:42:44

Hey its us again,
We know our first episode is hard to listen to, but we cover two great stories. So here is the do-over part 2. Today we cover the strange case of Keith Reinhard. His disappearance is one of many strange tales from the small town of S...

Apr 15, 2022 S03 E03 00:38:19

We know our first episode is hard to listen to, but we cover two great stories. So here is the do-over. Today we cover the strange case of Brian Shaffer, the guy who may have pulled the greatest April Fools prank ever. He walked into a bar and v...

Apr 08, 2022 S03 E02 00:47:33

Can a possession lead to murder? Can you trust the so called experts? Do they have the best intentions or are they just there for the money and notoriety?
We ask all these questions and more on this episode of Mystified.

**Correction for this...

Apr 01, 2022 S03 E01 00:52:58

Welcome to Season 3 of Mystified. Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and snuggle in because we have a great mystery for you. Oil tycoons, lovely daughters, and a murder that shocked everyone. Join us for Terror at the Wax Museum.Support the Show.

Oct 16, 2021 S02 E15 01:06:27

It's October and time to talk about spooky creatures that go bump in the night. Tonight we tell you about two of our favorite monsters, that seeing them is only the beginning of the terror.

Sep 28, 2021 S02 E14 00:46:33

This episode is graphic and has descriptions of mutilation.

Kevin Bacon was a man who was looking for a distraction. What he found so so much worse. This crime could have been avoided, should have been avoided.

There are a...

Sep 18, 2021 S02 E13 00:36:39

Have you ever met someone with the same name as you? What if that simple coincidence caused your death? 
On this episode we explore the mystery of the murdered Marys and ask the question:
Was it mistaken identity or happenstance?

Grab a s...

Sep 11, 2021 S02 E12 00:46:39

Can you die of fright?
That is the burning question for this episode of Mystified.
Hey everyone,
We are back with a new intro and another strange story for you.

Erin Valenti  was a young CEO who died under mysterious circumstances....

Jun 16, 2021 S02 E11 00:35:32

What if you know a crime was committed but have no way of proving it? Can there be a crime if there is no body?
Who is the reigning king of the monsters, Kong or Godzilla?
We discuss all of this and more on this episode of Mystified.